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​The 2021 Turkey Day changes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has ushered in the fall, and players are looking forward to some events in the fall, including Halloween and Turkey Day, both of which will undergo several modifications this year. You can buy Animal Crossing Bells of the right amount from ACItems according to the final modification result.

According to the latest data mining, developers have been patching the Turkish Day project and deleted a bunch of images related to it. The deleted project images include:
Turkey Day Casserole
Wheat decor
Garden stand
But we should note that these items still exist, but their icons have been deleted. This is a fairly small change. However, this means that Nintendo is working day and night to change Animal Crossing Island. This kind of effort is worthy of our affirmation.

Turkey Day marks the beginning of a glorious winter for players in Animal Crossing of the Northern Hemisphere. To be sure, the next content update will add new items to one of the most popular events in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Besides, data miners also leaked new Halloween items. It includes a ghastly tree, a ghastly lamp, and a ghastly snack basket.

Each player may have different opinions on some of the icons that have been deleted on Turkey Day, some may not be used to it, and some players may feel that it doesn't matter. No matter how Nintendo modifies it, I believe it is for players to experience the game better.

In addition, with the advent of autumn, the items to decorate the island will be diversified. If you don't have the right items, you can buy Animal Crossing Items from ACItems to make your island more beautiful and unique.