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Jagex's customer support was so poor

    Jagex's customer support was so poor

    I was an avid adventurer who would take on OSRS gold every obstacle using my bronze sword as well as a a wooden shield. My most favorite skills at the time included smithing and mining. I was looking for complete iron armor and was always looking to learn additional (mithril LOL). What did I get my first introduction to Runescape? Sal's Realm of Runescape, of course! The past few years have seen lots of changes to runescape... Unfortunately certain of them weren't very good.

    Bot Nuke Day was a nightmare and the infernal lag issue was a major issue. I didn't enjoy the dungeoneering process and couldn't earn any money from selling armor on the marketplace. I was very frustrated that scammers were playing the the game. I clicked on a link to an unauthentic runescape.com and the password I entered was taken. My dragon armor was taken. My money was safe in the bank. All of these were major concerns however two factors caused me to decide to quit:

    Jagex's customer support was so poor, it was almost as if they did not care about me being scammed. Jagex did not fix the game and trying to make it better they thought of returning Runescape 2007.

    It appears that Runescape has seen a significant change since then, and in only two years! While I was keen to play again, I've been too busy with buy RS gold my final year at the university that I do not have the time. Although many of the issues that I mentioned earlier still persist but I will always be thankful for the amazing memories that this sport has given me.