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Popular vape-specific cases

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    Among the many types of vape cases available, many people would like to know what types are popular. There are basic types like pen-type cases and large-capacity hard cases, functional types like organizer-type cases with card holders, and types with a luxurious feel like natural genuine leather cases. Here we will introduce popular cases supported by vape enthusiasts from various perspectives such as functionality, design, and protection performance.

    Pod-type case

    Cases for pod style vape device are slim and space-saving, and are the vape case of choice for users who want to keep their vape as compact as possible. It can hold any standard pen-type vape, regardless of brand. Among them, the "Mini Vape Case" handled by "Honey Street" is a recommended pen-type case that is compatible with a wide range of models: Joyetech's eGo-AIO and CuAIO, JUSTFOG's FOG1, asire's ockeX, ALD's AMAZE VFIRE, VITAFUL and FLEVO, VAPEONLY ARCUS and many other vapes. This semi-hard type case is both light and strong, so there is no need to worry about your VAPE being squeezed inside the bag and damaged. This case is a top candidate for vape beginners to buy for the time being.

    Large-capacity hard case

    If you are looking for a large-capacity hard case, a carrying case is convenient because it can hold all the items you need to enjoy vaping on the go. The genuine carry cases sold by vape manufacturer Joyetech are semi-hard, crush-resistant cases made of solid materials and stitches. The relatively large size of the case allows it to hold box-type vapes such as the iStick ico, as well as unicorn bottles of 60ml or larger without any problems. The inside is made of cushioning material to absorb shock, and the mesh pocket and elastic band make it easy to see and organize small items.

    Notebook case with card holder

    Notebook cases are often seen for smartphones, but they also exist for vapes. Notebook cases are popular among businessmen because they allow them to smartly carry items other than vape. The IQOS notebook case sold by the original brand "GABRIVELLA" can hold all necessary items such as the IQOS main unit, one IQOS pocket charger, one spare IQOS, one cleaning stick, and one box of heat sticks. The IQOS can be charged inside the case, and the pocket for the box of heat sticks can be tilted for smooth and easy access to the replacement sticks. This case is popular for its convenience, as it also has a card holder that can hold credit cards, Suica and other transportation system IC cards, as well as business cards and other cards.

    Cases made of natural genuine leather

    Products made of natural genuine leather change their texture and become more tasteful as they are used more and more. Vape cases made of leather are popular among people who want to use their cases along with their vapes for a long time, as they can enjoy the unique scent of leather and last for a long time. Thick natural genuine leather is durable, comfortable to the touch, and has a luxurious feel. Although the price is higher than synthetic leather, considering the fact that leather deteriorates over time, it can be said that genuine leather can be enjoyed for a long time. In addition, many genuine leather products are handmade, and the coloring and other characteristics vary from one leather to another, making it a good choice for those who want to add originality to their own cases. For example, the leather case from "Days art," a leather wallet specialty store, is also compatible with vapes. It comes with a carabiner, so it is useful if you want to carry your vape lightly by attaching it to your bag, belt, etc.

    Vape specialty stores are recommended for purchasing cases.

    If you buy a vape case from an online store that you have never heard of because of its low price, you may end up with an inferior product. If you want to buy an ideal case with peace of mind, we recommend that you look for a vape specialty store. Not only do they have a wide selection of vape-related products, but they also offer a wide range of services, making it possible for vape enthusiasts and beginners alike to have a highly satisfying shopping experience. If you buy from a mail-order store, you will often be disappointed when you receive a product that is different from your image, but at a physical store, you can take the actual product in your hands, so you can rest assured.

    vape studio, one of the largest vape goods retailers in Japan, carries many starter kits with cases and products from various popular vape brands. You can actually hold the products in your hands to check the materials and usability, and the store is cozy and comfortable with its perfect services such as vape maintenance, iced coffee, vape recharging, and arrangement of smoking areas. Items purchased at the store are also available for free maintenance and after-sales service, and we like the fact that we don't just sell them.

    Make your vape life more comfortable! Check the actual case at a specialty store! If you buy a vape case that you like, you will enjoy carrying around your vape and your vape life will be more comfortable. If so, we recommend that you check out the products at a physical store with a wide selection and knowledgeable staff. Why not visit "vape studio," one of the largest vape goods retailers in Japan? You are sure to find a great item.