Corona virus shutdown in NBA breaks NBA 2K20 model

NBA 2K20's MyLeague mode provides the "NBA Today" option, which allows players to start a trial of the franchise mode from the day in real life, but due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

ResetEra users first noticed (and we have verified) that since there are no real games on the schedule in the near future, the simulation of this mode will continue until the game crashes back to the dashboard of the console. But this does not affect players' strong expectations for NBA 2K20 MT.

This issue only affects MyLeague. NBA Today can also be used to play a single day. The five games scheduled for tonight are still available.

Other users pointed out that when the calendar transitioned to January 1, 2020, the issue was similar to 2K Sports' WWE 2K20. However, this is easier to understand. The NBA had suspended the regular season twice before, but both were due to shutdowns related to negotiating new contracts, and both resumed the season and shortened the schedule.

Discovering the Utah Jazz's Rudy Gobert was positive for COVID-19, he completed four NBA games last night before the league's offseason last night. Since then, teammate Donovan Mitchell has also discovered the virus.

In the past few years, the MLB Show has allowed players to pick a game from any game they have played that year and, under the same conditions, use the lineup and starter pitcher to replay the game. If no games have been played that day, this mode will only provide the latest games that have been completed. In the case of MLB The Show 19, this is the seventh match of the 2019 World Series.

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Show 20 event will begin on Friday (pre-booking is available in advance), just as Major League Baseball announced that it has suspended the spring training session and will delay the opening day by two due to the COVID-19 crisis week. The National Hockey League has also suspended this season. Although such events are temporarily cancelled, I think that people who like this kind of events can still find fun, and that is to play online games such as NBA 2K20 games. Although you will spend a small amount of Buy NBA 2K20 MT, your gains It must be more valuable than money.