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"Path of Exile" Delirium Patch Note: Defeat Nightmares and Get Powerful New Items : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

"Path of Exile" Delirium Patch Note: Defeat Nightmares and Get Powerful New Items

The latest Path of Exile expansion, Delirium, brings players into the darkest corners of their hearts. Introduced corrupted jewels and new skills, while setting up a new set of tasks in a very evil mirror. The extension is officially launched today, providing a crushing opportunity for players seeking greater challenges.

This is the full patch description for Path of Exile Patch 3.10 on the game website. If you are looking for a more streamlined version provided by Delirium, please enter our mirror.

Cooked Food Challenge League-Jump into the Cooked Food Mirror and experience new challenges. Here you will experience old and new monsters, and as you progress in the dungeon, fighting becomes more difficult. Delirium's exclusive Cluster Jewels can drop from enemies and grant new passive abilities when inlaid. You may also find Delirium Orbs on the map and Delirium Splinters where Simulacrum is available.
New Gems-Spins adds seven new POE Orbs that give you new power. There is a kinetic arrow, which can launch a wand attack, and the blade explodes, detonating the blade at your location. , Try to find these gems to increase your spell arsenal and make it strong.
New Unique Items-Added 16 unique POE Items such as Perfidy Glorious Plate and Augor Mortis Carnal Mitts. These armors can provide unique construction opportunities that were not possible until expansion. With the new gems, you can create entirely new ways of playing games that have never been seen in a dungeon crawler.
UI changes-element effects (such as shaking or burning on the ground) now look better. There are many more monsters and back-end changes that will make the game run smoothly on the PC.

Path of Exile players have always wanted new content, so Grinding Gear Games needs to make it available to them. The Delicatessen Challenge will smash a fun time for players seeking something else, which will also increase their character talent. This patch doesn't seem to be aimed at newbies, but rather veterans who have already browsed everything. Nevertheless, Path of Exile continues to grow due to content updates (such as Delirium). At this stage, I think players can prepare sufficient POE Currency in advance in order to have a better performance in the new season.