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Part 2 of Madden 20 NFL Free Agency is being upgraded, including Tom Brady, Byron Jones : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

Part 2 of Madden 20 NFL Free Agency is being upgraded, including Tom Brady, Byron Jones

On Wednesday, March 25th, EA will officially release Madden 20 NFL Free Agents Part 2 in the Ultimate Team. These include many new high-level player cards. Some of the best cards will include Byron Jones and the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. Players can view more detailed information about new items now available at Gamems, and of course they can Buy MUT Coins on their website.

Football fans now know that Tom Brady will no longer wear his traditional Patriot color scheme. Instead, he moved to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for warmer weather and had the opportunity to show his ability to lead another team to the Super Bowl.

His Madden 20 NFL free agent card shows that Brady is still wearing a Patriot jersey, but reflects some good upgrade numbers. The team player who finally gets this card will have QB, including Throw Accuracy Short (99) and Mid (99), and 97 Play Action, 94 Throw Power, and 92 Throw Accuracy Deep. Of course, it also has other options, including a "power-on" option that brings Brady to the full 99 OVR.

Another high-profile card revealed on Twitter before content dropped on Wednesday was Byron Jones. Although his business card shows that he is with his previous team, he also recently went to Florida. The overall rating of the new Miami Dolphins Cape Guard is 98, with key attributes including 99 agility, 99 jumpers, 98 compression, 98 area coverage and 97 acceleration. Gamers can also take this card to another level using the Power Up and Ability options.

Brady is the new Madden 20 NFL Free Agency Master project in Part 2. Jones is likely to be one of the cards needed to acquire Brady. All new cards arriving on Wednesday are available through Madden Pack, store deals and auction houses.

Players can watch the full video of EA's Madden Twitch video stream here, showing each card. From March 25th (Wednesday), they will all join the Ultimate Team. Visit our Madden NFL Free Agent Part I to see which players belong to the first group.

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