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Madden 20 Update 1.29 is about to be released: this is what the April title update fixes : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

Madden 20 Update 1.29 is about to be released: this is what the April title update fixes

Yesterday, EA developers released the new Madden 20 update, version 1.29. This is one of the smaller updates we have seen throughout the game. It only fixes some issues, but we can study some issues carefully. This is what the April game title update brings to Madden 20 games.

The latest Madden title update should be copied and installed after launching the game on the console of your choice. In addition to improvements in overall stability, this new Madden 20 update in early April also includes two game updates. They provide brief details in the latest Gridiron Notes. Of course, if you want to get a more powerful product, buying MUT Coins on gamems.com will greatly help you play.

The first thing the update solves is to solve the problem that defenders can enter the backcourt unhindered in certain forms of defense. An example pointed out by the EA development team is 2-4-5 odd nickel.

The second gameplay fix is ​​for the superstar ability called "Nasty Stripes". Obviously, gamers can use it on players in poor locations. EA's development team ensures that this is no longer the case. When these fixes arrived, many members of the gaming community were still frustrated by an obvious problem. Since many people have been entangled with EA's development team to solve it, it is now impossible to download community files. It is hoped that this will be achieved in the next few weeks, as well as some updates to the franchise model.

Due to the pandemic pandemic, all sports are currently in a state of cessation, and the NFL offseason was just beginning. Many fans hope that life will return to normal levels, and perhaps the NFL season will begin as planned. This means that for some gamers later this year, "Madden 21" is very popular.

Prior to this, Madden 20 had a new Color Smash program. Promotions include Candy, Tie-Dye LTD players, Masters and Eggs opening on Easter. In addition, there is a limited time "Housing Code".

The weekend brought us the new "Ultimate Legend", so we will definitely release these works in the next few weeks. Recently, we have seen some great star players get new upgrade cards including Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders. Stay tuned for more items to arrive at the ultimate team and other promotions! As far as I know, Gamems is also conducting discount activities, if you need Madden Coins, you can consider their website.