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Dungeon Fighter Online DFO PvP Solo Guide 2018


Dungeon Fighter Online is widely circulated around the world. If you want to play PvP well in DFO, you need to master the rhythm of combos and some hidden mechanism. The action-based PC MMORPG, for each combo, the target will be in a dizzy state, during which they can not make any counterattack or dodge action.

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If you do nothing, it will only hit you, but if you attack unsafely, they will be able to fight back. This forces you to use a secure defense against attacks to prevent attackers from rushing towards you, while also avoiding keeping yourself open after the attack. Usually, to overcome this pressure, you can induce attacking players to attack you, and then use super armor or snatch or dodge to resist their attack.

You can get extra income from the best online game currency store. Berserker seeks greater power. Thanks to the skill Frenzy, the entire class can have a second sword, which will make you blood red, increase attack power, and reduce the cooldown time of certain skills. Wearing heavy armor. A big sword or big stick is the weapon of choice.

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Dungeon Fighter Online is essentially a fighting video game. Officials encourage gamers to pay more attention to PvP than Dungeon. All mobs and bosses are in regular combat mode. Once the mechanics are mastered, human players will easily defeat them.



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