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How can Dungeon Fighter Online quickly complete their roles?

The Dungeon Fighter Online have been updated to level 100. Whether it is a level upgrade or equipment replacement, there will be no small increase in the character's attributes, especially the epic equipment and mythological equipment for graduation, so since the dungeon and warrior level 100 update Now, it is almost the world of the abyss, almost all players are frantically brushing the abyss, hoping that their characters can graduate early.

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In addition to equipment and levels, the character has an attribute upgrade. There are many ways to improve the character's attributes in the game, such as joining guilds, enchanting orbs. Of course, this adventure group can increase the attributes of all characters, and it is not a small improvement, the current adventure group level is 40, strength, physical strength, intelligence, and spirit are all added 290 points, so a full-level adventure group is also what players want.

For the 40-level full-level adventure group, it is still very difficult. I think there should not be many players who can reach it now. Except for those professional players, normal players should be difficult to achieve.

It's impermanent. All the characters that the player thinks are already at a full level, but he opened the adventure group to see that it is still 39. Although he has more than half of his experience, he is still a bit away from the 40 levels.

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