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Dungeon Fighter Online: Super happy 100-level epic match

The arrival of the 100-level version not only allows us to have a different game experience, because the abyss can be leveraged, and the flash moment is really very comfortable. In addition, there is another reason because the epic sets of level 100 are diverse, and there is always a suitable one for you.

If the hand rub is used to the extreme, the damage is definitely very shocking, but the 100-level version of the hand rub is need to have 6 skill bars, which means you need to have several skills that can only be rubbed by hand. . Secondly, you can't be beaten, otherwise you will lose some damage.

Game is the most important thing for players to get pleasure in the game. It is very tiring to earn Cheap DFO Gold and other equipment in the game, because the items you drop hard to fight monsters are not necessarily what you want. So many players choose to buy from the online mall.

If the damage of the shadow of death is played to the profession, it is definitely not much worse than the hand rub or the devil's suit. Unfortunately, one limit skill and one limit blood loss, then the limit is the range. You must always pay attention to the range to maximize the damage.

The eternal endlessness is tentatively called the happy set here, because he is really a set that changes the CD for the damage limit. After wearing this set, you will find that your skills can not be pressed, because the skills are always bright and super fun.

Although the properties of the dragon blood set are very general, the loose match is absolutely invincible, especially the two-piece set of the belt and shoulder pads can be called the most matched of the 100-level epic two-piece set. mmob2c.com is a reliable game trading website, you can quickly buy DFO Gold from here, and the quality of customer service here is very high, players can get a reply any time they consult.



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