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NPCs in DNF Dungeon Fighter Online that make players love and hate


There are all kinds of NPCs on the Arad continent. Among the many NPCs, several of them make players love and hate. MMOB2C provides players with a lot of DFO Gold to help players get great help in the game.

Kelly, this female NPC player who must play the percentage profession is most familiar with it. You need to find her for equipment enhancement, but the chance of strengthening 12 is so touching, even if you are 13, 14 you don't have to think about it. The big guy will have more than 13 equipment. Many players spend hundreds of millions of gold coins. The final weapon shortage is a weapon that adds 10, and some European players can strengthen the equipment to 12 with hundreds of gold coins. This NPC can be said to make some players hate their teeth.

Currently, the increase in the activity of NPC players who play the solid injury profession must find this NPC. The increase is not like enhancement. After the equipment fails to increase, it will hang the level increase of 7 or more. Failure of the equipment will drop to 0, so the increased equipment is often more than the enhanced equipment. To consume materials and gold coins, many players also used hundreds of millions of Dungeon Fighter Online Gold and still did not increase the equipment to 10, of course, except for big guys like Xu Xu baby. After all, the Red 17 is not for everyone.

Gabriel, I don't know if any of my friends have eaten his losses. The NPC will come out suddenly when the picture is painted well. He will put some powdery looks in his store. Often the price of these powders is very expensive, but the price in the auction house is indeed the price of cabbage, and many small whites will be pitted by him with millions or even tens of millions of gold coins, so he also won the first Arad profiteer, but Sometimes he will also sell some design drawings or equipment that are very expensive in the auction house to sell to players at a low price, such as the design drawing of the magic sword Apophis and the ancient will if the player who can encounter this situation is European. Emperor, I haven't encountered it anyway. Players Buy Dungeon Fighter Online Gold on MMOB2C is a very wise choice. By buying, players can easily jump to their favorite parts.



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