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Dungeon Fighting Online now allows players to climb to level 100

With the introduction of Act 1 of Season 6 (also known as Ascension), the power in Dungeon Fighter has been improved. Now, the level cap has been increased from 95 to 100, which has brought a series of new challenges and new challenges. Every Dungeon Fighter Online game lover wants to have more Cheap DFO Gold to upgrade quickly. If you have more weapons, you can upgrade faster.

As one would expect, new levels mean new things to face, and this is what players get in this update. Several new dungeons lowered the level of the new 100-level equipment from different levels At the new Mythic level, it can be installed in the top, bracelet, or earring slot.

Players should remember that they can only wear one mythical item at a time. Many new systems allow players to transfer device enhancements, and even upgrade level 95 epics to level 100 epics.

The new update brings a series of events, including events that earn 100 levels of epic or mythical equipment, daily and weekly tasks, and a level-up event, whose income is increased from level 1 to level 94, and for those Soared from 95 to 100.

More players may prefer to jump to their favorite part of the game. They generally choose to buy DFO Gold on MMOB2C, which is the part where the game level has soared to their qualifications. It feels great!



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