Animal Crossing New Horizons hackers are changing the quality of life, Nintendo's high probability will not : 0xbt

Animal Crossing New Horizons hackers are changing the quality of life, Nintendo's high probability will not

Animal Crossing has always been a deliberately slow and thoughtful game released by Nintendo. Since the game was released, fans have been calling on Nintendo to improve it for efficiency. Although the company seems unlikely to agree to these requests, hackers are happy to take the lead.

New Horizons ’hacking activity is very active-the community recently made headlines immediately after injecting an impossible star fragment tree into the game, and the item quickly began to sell for real money instead of the game ’s universal currency Animal Crossing Bells . These hackers use the modified Nintendo Switch console with special software to help them do what they want in the life simulator, not just for beauty.

For example, the hacking attacks that occurred in April increased the player's stacking ability. Previously, certain materials (such as wood or ore) could only be increased by a maximum of 30, but now it can be increased to a maximum of 99. The list is long, including fruits, seeds, customized children, fences, Nook miles Tickets, fishing bait and more.

The hack also allows you to trade fish and insects, although only with people who run the mod at the same time. Perhaps the most eye-popping feature of this type of hacking is that it allows you to store radishes at home instead of letting you occupy the entire room.

Players also really want to simplify the production process, ideally to be able to make in batches. By providing you with a "set", you can generate any material needed for a specific DIY, and the recently updated hack makes it easier to make than this.

Things will become finer than that. There are some cheating techniques for you to pass through walls, make unbreakable tools, speed up animation playback, freeze time, and change the direction of balloons. In addition to typical things, for example, produce anything you can think of or any villagers you might want. In short, if you want to improve yourself in a formal way, you still need to prepare enough Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets, which will make you more confident in the game. at