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 Rocket League Items successor to the Octane

Many gamers are making a song the praises of the Fennec, saying it’s the Rocket League Items successor to the Octane due to its hitbox accuracy. While the Fennec and the Octane share the identical hitbox, the Fennec’s rectangular design version matches the hitbox a bit more than the Octane’s pointed nose.Whether or not it’s the “fine car” in the League, though, depends on you.

When it comes right down to it, you will be drawn to flashier cars however stats like hitboxes can be the determining component when you pick the right automobile. You need a automobile that performs precisely the way you assume it to and suits your playstyle at the group.

The Octane may be the most popular choice within the network, but there are quite a few alternatives accessible. If you simply need a vehicle that’s a touch special than Buy Rocket League Items all the Octanes, there’s continually the Fennec.