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About Animal Crossing Celeste, These three questions are curious

Celeste is an interesting supporting role in "Animal Crossing", but she still has some unsolved problems for her.

One of the best aspects of the new animal crossing game is how cute all animal villagers and tourists are. From villagers like Dom and Zucker to the popular pop star KK Slider, game fans are so cute for all the friendly little animals. One of the sweetest island tourists is Celeste, a pink and brown little owl with astronomical knowledge everywhere.

Smart visitors are loved for their cuteness and her rich space-themed DIY recipes. Many of Celeste's things, from her desire to share gifts to her rich academic qualifications, made the players unknown. The following are about animal crossing: 10 unresolved issues for visitors to New Horizons, many players find them curious. Continue to follow ACBellsBuy for more detailed content. If you are also an Animal Crossing player, you can Buy Nook Miles Tickets on our website, which will help you get the best gaming experience and save a lot of time.

How old is she?

If Celeste did go to college, it would be her age. Her cute face looks young and sweet, but her knowledge is so rich, it may be much older than the player imagines. She was also bigger than Blathers, but did not say how many years. Although there is no information to confirm or deny, the little pink owl may be the oldest and smartest character in the animal traversing world. Moreover, is she and Blathers age human or owl?

Where does she live?

Celeste used to be a resident of the player’s town in previous games. At the time, these museums had observatories, but in New Horizons, she only appeared occasionally, whether on a meteor shower night or at other randomly generated times. This begs the question: Where do girls who like stars live? She may be working at the observatory on the nearest mainland or nearby islands.

Since she and her brother have never been too far apart in the animal crossing game, it would be most meaningful to live nearby, although she did not mention her home in the latest issue.

Where did she study astronomy?

Celeste is very smart in her field. She worked in the observatory in the previous "Animal Crossing" game, proving that she is qualified to work in the field of astronomy. She is the sister of Blathers and she knows very much about other important things like fossils, artwork, bugs, and fish. She is a hard-working adult who has accumulated rich knowledge over the years. But, did she and Blathers learn by reading reference texts, or did they go to school to get a degree? Other villagers mentioned their school time, which means that the owl could have gone to a university and became as smart as in the competition.

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