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How to catch rainbow deer in Animal Crossing

As the seasons change, new creatures appear in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. New fish and bugs can be found within a certain period every month, and the creatures that can be found on the player’s island are different according to the player’s hemisphere.

For players who choose to travel irregularly, if they can find bugs or fish that they did not have in a short time, they will get a greater return. For non-time-traveling players, Rainbow Stag is a new beetle that can be added to players’ museums or sold at the Nook store for 6,000 ACNH Bells.

The Rainbow Bucks are only open in the northern hemisphere from June to September and the southern hemisphere from December to March. Rainbow Stags are also nocturnal worms because they can only be found between 7 pm and 8 am. This time range applies to the northern and southern hemispheres.

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Rainbow Stag perches on the side of the tree. Players will need to be equipped with a worm net and will need to walk around their island until they discover the rainbow deer. If the player is running, they are likely to scare the beetle away. Once the rainbow stag is found, the player will need to gently step on the toes with the joystick. Once in range, the player will have only one shot to catch the beetle. If the player misses, the Rainbow Bucks will fly away and they will have to find another.



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