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Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Way to Destroy The Island

The first summer update of Nintendo’s promised “Animal Crossing: Summer” has now arrived, bringing the ability to swim, dive, capture marine life, and many other recreational items. The arrival of this update has been welcomed by its most loyal supporters, who have been eager to do something new for a while, but not everyone is satisfied with it. Continue to read, provided by ACBellsBuy for you, we are your best partner, Buy Animal Crossing Bells, quality service.

You will see that since players can jump off the pier of the airport when they teach someone else’s island, various pranks that disrupt the progress can happen. This situation triggered a fierce debate about Resetera, and one of the players detailed the "serious consequences" of this update for those who wish to trade online with others.

Essentially, you may know whether to visit other people’s islands regularly, so many players choose to avoid their most precious island hotspots to ensure that tourists do not steal or destroy anything of value. For example, visitors can trample all your flowers or shake the bells on the money tree, and people you trust who have the status of "best friend" can do more.

Thanks to the new update, visitors can now simply jump into the sea, bypassing all the fences the player may have built over the past few months, and reach the area that the owner does not want them to see.

Resetera user Arthands said: "Since the update, someone has discovered a loophole." "They can change into a swimsuit, jump off the pier, and then swim on the shore, bypassing the fence. After stealing something or causing any mischief, strangers can press- The button “quietly” leaves the island.” They continue to recommend Nintendo to release such patches to prevent players from jumping out of the airport terminal.

Some users of Resetera replied that this might be a bit overreacted, accusing the original poster of "taking things seriously" and pointing out that any damage can be fixed at any time. However, others believe that players invest a lot of time and carefully put their islands together, which is understandable, they do not want to destroy them.

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