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Twitch RuneScape streams: You can see Soulja Boy

The Soulja Boy RuneScape stream is probably the weirdest watershed we have seen so far. Since his release from prison, the rapper and entrepreneur has been crumbling, and now he has attracted many followers by playing Jagex's classic browser-based role-playing games. Continue reading, the more detailed content, follow RSGOLDB2C, we will provide you with more relevant information, and Buy Runescape Gold at a low price.

Previously, Soulja Boy announced his game console and attracted attention in the game world, and this is just the beginning of the crazy roller coaster journey. He started selling two game consoles, then two more, and finally closed this part of his online store in less than a month.

Since then, he continued to publish songs and play games on Twitch, and was temporarily absent because he was serving a prison sentence on parole. He opened a new website (and of course has his own store) and hopped between different games, but in recent months, his RuneScape live broadcast has really started.

As an example, take a look at the poll he conducted in a recent poll-more than 5,000 people voted, 82% of whom want him to continue playing RuneScape. The active party atmosphere in his team led the community to create some very interesting memes:

And Soulja Boy's rap skills seem to be as sharp as ever. One of the most interesting entertainment shows last night was his freestyle rap of RuneScape's "Sea Shanty" music:

The recent Soulja Boy RuneScape video stream has paid off-the rapper’s ratings have been steadily increasing, as shown on Twitch Tracker, but Sullygnome shows the most surprising number: in recent days, he reached the outdated RuneScape Nearly 5,000 peak viewers.

As shown by the Sullygnome data, Soulja Boy's RuneScape stream has proved very popular last week. Other popular games (including GTA 5 and the newly released Hyper Scape) cannot be compared to a large number of people watching him playing old browser games.

I think it is safe to say that this viral rapper and entrepreneur found his audience in the strangest place. Although his most popular browser game is probably the classic browser game, he seems to continue to be the host of variety shows. RSGOLDB2C is very happy that Runescape can develop towards a better place. We are the best partners of Runescape players. Buy OSRS Gold and enjoy better service.