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33% more efficient spinning on Seers Village Spinning

Falador Diary. Principal reward: Falador Shield 4 - Acts like an Adamant Shield but it's different and has +5 Prayer. The main advantages of possessing this item are the following: +10% experience gained from Falador Farm activity, greater likelihood of RS gold receiving clues from guards, access to the bank chest in Crafting Guild (which is fastest bank teleport you can get in the game while possessing Crafting Cape), tree patch in Falador is immune to disease Full Prayer recharge twice a day, many different shortcuts and more.

Fremennik Diary. The main reward is Fremennik Sea Boots 4 - These boots offer the same bonuses as Adamant Boots However, they also improve in both Ranged as well as Magic attack by one point. Although the stats aren't great, this piece of equipment gives more than that:

Access to two additional Lunar spells (Tan leather and Recharge Dragonstone) Unlimited teleports to Rellekka numerous new shortcuts, the ability to travel towards Jatizso or Neitiznot with Enchanted Lyre and much more. Additionally you won't need to use the Seal of Progression to get into Lunar Island.

Kandarin Diary. The principal reward: Kandarin Headgear 4 - Although it offers the same features like Mithril Med Helm, it gives different bonuses, similar to the other Elite Diary rewards. The bonuses are:

33% more efficient spinning on Seers Village Spinning Wheel, which can prove useful for those looking to create some extra gold coins there. 15 percent more marks of grace from Seers Village Agility Course that can be utilized to make the process of farming for Graceful Outfit somewhat less painful. It is possible to move Camelot Teleport from your castle straight to bank entrance. 10% more rewards for Barbarian Assault, as well as other advantages.

When they complete every Achievement in each of the difficulties in Achievement Diary players will gain access to a special Achievement Diary Cape, which they can purchase from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 Coins. Alongside that they'll also be awarded by a unique hood which matches the cape.

Duel Arena (Safe). Like the name implies, Duel Arena lets players compete against one opponents. The place also offers rules specific to the game that can be set up to make things more exciting (like the staking of gold coins). This cheap OSRS GP is available to both players and for those who want to play adventure.