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More Complicated Contracts

    By Kingang

    Please don't fall for this. Mut 21 coins has a lot of potential and you are all too intelligent to be gullible enough to think they're gonna correct franchise at a month. Be sensible. Keep flood them with terrible press and don't purchase Madden 21 until it goes on sale, please. Money talks. It may be. I love you, keep fighting for what you desire.

    I prefer disc instead of digital so that I doubt I am getting anything for free. Also I might leave Xbox for PlayStation so I'm sure I'll have to purchase twice at some stage. Yeah Xbox is down lol I may need to switch. Voice chat broken on multiple games for months(overwatch is a prime example), can never see ur friends list half the time. they lucky gamepass is a buck lol or I would have sold my Xbox already.I noticed that trending last night, PlayStation user. How often does this occur? There has been minor things here and there but it's usually just game associated when theyperforming maintenance or're patching up things.

    Until I see real change I am not wasting my money on this pile of garbage. However, you have ta know the overwhelming majority of soccer fans are still gonna buy Madden 21. That is who this post is really for. To I'm right there with you. But to the folks who still have hope. Im inclined to be rude but just get real. Madden 21 is gonna suck. Don't waste money or your time. We want our money's value.

    It's so sad that people are saying"oh, that looks cool! No. It'll be worse than 20. Madden 20 was broken. X-Factors bankrupt others and helped some players. Playing CFM didn't matter who you played with as. The same is felt by every group. There is no simulation. Browns and Cowboys every Superbowl. They all did with Madden 21 is include bugs. Seriously, 50 more X-Factors? Madden 21 will be unbalanced. Drop zones however, the CPU doesn't? Kinda you hot route however, the CPU is not programmed to? This is going to be the worst Madden because Madden 25.

    I don't think EA understands what a possible gem they have in business mode. This can be as large as fantasy football if they would treat it with buy Madden 21 coins this mentality. Franchise is a feature that is wonderful. For built for big groups franchise is an great feature that can rake in $$. Give commissioners more power to stop or punish cheating and also to control trades, mend the trade logic, more complicated contracts, let us scrimmage each other in practice manner.shit allow us to scrimmage the pc in training mode so we are able to practice plays our personnel instead of running one play one defense and then having to manually restart each new play.