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In Order To Obtain The Updates

    By Kingang

    The casuals don't care about the gameplay so much as what's new this season because they are not trying to perform with 16 franchise matches over the course of a couple weeks. I am so fucking mad at what this Mut 21 coins game is now. Beginning in 04 Madden published around my b'day every year and that is what I wanted. I love soccer. I have loved Madden since the shift from ps2. I thought it would get on ps4. Franchise doesn't have the depth it did nearly 15 years ago. It is absurd. It's completely fucking absurd.

    To be honest to EA (vomits upon stating that) that the NFL has final say on what goes in the match. There's a reason concussions aren't any longer an accident in the game, that helmets fly, and a ton of different things. If you really think the NFL will sign off in an expansion/rebranding the likes of 2K where people can have BLM, or Pornhub trademarks, or whatever people may think of as they're doing in 2K on helmets beside the NFL shield you are crazy. Bear in mind this is the league that wouldn't even let a San Francisco Giants hat is worn by Alex Smith into a media conference when he was with the 9ers and the Giants were in the World Series.

    That being said, that doesn't excuse the rest of the things that are lacking such as participant finder, historic stats, an actual coaching team, better player versions (or even the ability to edit what your player looks like instead of the same 10 premade confronts out of 5 games ago). I am also not a fan of the player progression change. It feels like rather than fixing people's capacity to exploit the game by being aware of what stats were sport breaking but retained overall down so players remained cheap, they simply added an"archetypes" system in which they took away what little real customization control you'd and forced you to create them better as that archetype with no say over what stats were increased with a level upward.

    We finally have editable draft classes. Fix Franchise Mode EA please. True enough. But it's been what 5 years because buy Madden nfl 21 coins has done anything to change my own league. It is like they do not want to provide us more and gave us so much. So many have does not work. However, 2K is the king of (Franchise mode) that I will never deny. It is some thing for everyone to perform inside the menus. When you're done in the menus that the gameplay is 16, their overall downfall is.