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Much More And Tone Than The Kinds

    By Kingang

    Coulda sworn it was more. Regardless it ought to be majority principles, 65% is over half of the players. I feel as when polling a new skill it shouldn't possess a 75% threshold, its not a easy poll like"hey do you need a brand new slayer boss?" A new skill is a large update and there's always going to be some people who don't enjoy it, thats OSRS gold why we haven't had a new skill since release over 7 years ago. Warding wasn't the first skill to be polled, but the results are the same they will all always fail unless the poll threshold is reduced. I have an problem with the whole polling system honestly. Maybe it's nostalgia but I miss waking up as a child and seeing a update that is random.

    Now we understand everything that's coming weeks or even months before its published since they have to ask our permission before they do anything. And of course developers create content in an unbiased way while players voting on surveys are completely biased, voting in a way that benefits them instead of Runescape, like in the past when pvmers voted against most of pvp updates, so they just started releasing pvp content without surveys, such as the ferox enclave. Talk for yourself. One of the reasons why I stopped playing RS2 was due to the addition of new skills because they changed the meta Runescape, and also a brand new skill will alter the meta of Runescape entirely. I believe that new abilities should be held to a high standard.

    However, who are you gaining some benefit over? Defence is actually quite powerful, the issue is that many"round" account builds end up with a lesser hp level than their battle level, and also for pvp hp is very important. If you place 70 in all stats (like prayer) you are out with a level 89 accounts together with 72 hitpoints, which can be just about 1 shot with a pure of the identical battle employing an ags. Even a pure may strike a 70 AND have vengeance. The reason the level 50 can strike the same as an 80 is since they have exactly the identical strength level. Simple as that. Pures often don't like fighting defence accounts because they end up being inaccurate against them it requires multiple fights to finally get the rng to kill them.

    The problem is, with buy old school runescape gold no piety or vengeance, a"normal" account build is basically just a really shit pure - that they have the identical prayer boosts, the identical access to weapons, and their only benefit is their defence. It is a debate because even a main wouldn't go out against the other main piety and if he didn't possess vengeance unlocked -. And this is essentially the same idea, pures want the high strength since they don't have piety or even vengeance. If you make a defence possess neither and build - you're at a disadvantage.