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He Just Alchs Them

    By Kingang

    I've never had a climax this RuneScape gold long, plz stop.Pre Finale is gonna be prime JO material.Finally,So much swamp man!Inject it directly into my veins.Hope you have a little vacation following this mate. Well done. Watched every video, amazing series.This guy pees in water bottles, no doubt.The grind is impressive but what impresses me even more is how good this guy is at making these videos. He left one of the most boring grinds I could possibily picture and did just that for 5 weeks, and managed to create a fun video.

    I feel as it would've been a far better idea to only perform the 33 hour marathon session after to get a 100% completion lol.If he wished to maintain his sanity I think he should have just spent the first hour every day looking for the second suggestion. If not wait for the following day. That way he has 15-16 hours to acquire the 3rd/4th.

    Would sort of suck not understanding if you're gon na be stuck in front of the computer for 16 hours each morning, but still better than obtaining 13 hours or the 12 in and determining whether to drive for the third. Amazing accomplishment.I really dont understand why he said he'd attempt with two measures. He never ended up doing it but that would waste a step for 2% completion chance instead of simply heading to bed with a morytania step in his inventory, meaning he would have a large head start on the subsequent day.At one point in the video he did take his next step to bed.

    Exactly. It felt just like in every scenario he would get to hint #2 or #3 15 hours into the grind and proceed"HERE WE GO BOISSSS". He felt the pressure to get it.That would have been the hint of time. Even exceeding people who were able to pull more than one 3rd age bit out of one clue.Would happen to be up there using C Engineers most legendary runescape tank evaluation at Barrows & Woox killing Zuk with cheap RS gold no armor and no food/potions. You didn't hear?Not just was Woox the first player to conquer Zuk. He was the first player to achieve AND conquer Zuk with potions, no food or armor. He only took weapons and ammunition AND he did it without pillars. He let the dinosaurs ruin the pillars as fast as possible.He pray flicked the entire thing.