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It In A Packaged Way

    By Kingang

    Yeah I followed that the tweaker guide, but still didn't work and I kind of just started but my character already reached level 48, prior to the Meseta pso2 game crashed. As for the different directory I installed it onto a seprate hard drive, from C drive, which is why I was able to format the drive and attempt new installs.

    That is weird I would say try a restore point but not sure how an update would lead into the tweaker getting stuck if it is a completely new install. I would try asking for help in the discord from the sidebar but worst case you could return close to that level just blasting thru some of this tutorial kind quests but discarding your personality customization and any things would suckHave you checked in using all the technician advice people about the fleet discord? They could have the ability to find out the issue.

    I actually had the same exact issue today when I attempted to log onI uninstalled a lot of times... I ended up getting it to work by downloading the tweaker fixer I discovered to a YouTube guide. For some reason about the tweaker when I'd head to launch it, it would ask if I want to launch the Microsoft shop to play it which appearantly was incorrect

    Sometimes the game fails to uninstall, however because you reformatted your hard disk you might have perplexed the windows shop into thinking you a Mutables folder when you truly don't. The very best method to uninstall the sport in my experience is to delete your Mutable and Mutable backup folder and remake to empty folders with the same name.

    Hmmm, does anybody else notice how this character looks much like the Beast race? Yet there is no beast race in PSO2 (as much as I know). I'm sure many of you've seen the most recent announcement, and that is where the picture is from.

    That's a player character working with the Beast race cosmetics option that is offered in PSO2.

    Ahhh really interesting, my heart so badly wants to believe it's a sign at possibly getting the Beast race however I understand that it is very much not the case. Thank you for dropping some knowledge my way though

    There was a"Beast" entry in the Buy meseta pso2 game files among the other race names at some stage... not certain if it's still there... but it was likely just a remnant of PSU (because PSO2's engine is assembled on top of PSU's) rather than an indicator we were going to get Beasts...