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At These Distances.Animations Utilized

    By Kingang

    But I then moved back into 2KU & add longer time & THINK I am really getting a hang of it & starting to observe the method to the madness, but could no longer examine it in actual NBA 2K Coins game conditions.

    TL; DR: In the future if you're planning to shake up the shooting mechanics this drastically & you give us the demo can you please give individuals more matches to figure out it, allow us to adjust problem, or provide us access to groups that don't possess such smothering defense? (& it would not be possible to get those couple games I missed out on back would it?)

    How can you get blown out by 60 in 6 minute quarters? So far it seems the new pro stick makes the game much more fluid when all you need to worry about is taken orientation rather than release time. I feel as though the concept of our shots being tied to release time was actually pretty limiting and that I never realized it until today. I am now able to state I'm happy with the new scheme. Game-changer for certain.

    Specifically about taken orientation. I have not used the stick at all yet I have just been reading about it and you've got an interesting take on things. Obviously. From what I have experienced and read there are several different options which players will have when it comes to shooting via the pro stick.

    This can be seen in the MyPlayer mode of the 2k21 demo

    RELEASE TIMING - Much like what we have seen in 2k20 and years previous. You imagine the rod and release it in the right moment to have a perfect release. It may be late, early, or place on. There's other increments of shots (slightly early, slightly late and all that)

    STICK ORIENTATION - If you play with 2KU or some Quick Game from the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins demo, you'll see this strategy. It's just about you holding the pro rod down and then transferring it slightly left or right with the aim being to find the shot at the colored section of the shot meter. You are efficiently lining up your shot. When you release the rod does not matter. In reality you can hold it down the entire time (strange to hear, I know, for those who have been using the pro stick in years past ). All that is graded in this scheme is the way well defended you're if your shot was too much left, too far , or centered. It has been my favorite means to perform so far. I feel as though real-life gamers care less about when they release and more about lining their shot.