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The Clan And Andre And A Couple Of Other Folks

    By Kingang

    Individuals said the had things to do in real life and said look at the article and that he explained that he excuses real life problems gta then locked the RuneScape gold thread for making the other clan members offended even though Andre had a valid point and had excused people on real life issues. A couple of months afterwards Andre was told that he was being kicked out of the clan and left a good bye ribbon Andre was sadden when no one submitted on him gta secured it his accounts was then deleted even though Andre pleaded with gta that he could still view the fourms. Additional notes: on find signs Andre found out that gaia and cheese wanted to article on his own proportions fourm and I think lots of different people did want to also.

    Ranger jay left since the clan was inactive not because of Andre. Gta whined and and made changes to the clan only so Andre may be kept out. Gta also stated andre haxed when he doesn't and he twisted this around once I said to him roughly 42 and 62 and the way I believe he had been haxed. Gta has great me my clan position and my friends he's made lies and scandals to get rid of andre and can be tricking the clan. Below is evidence of this. The clan is neglecting letting scammers and accounts dealers in but I thank gta for becoming ri of ranger jay but I don like the way we keeped necro fire as right now accounts trading would be your worst to do now after these updates.

    Now I posted that and he prohibit me from the fourms he left then I went on my notebook to test get on and was prohibit on that to sumhow so his proerly made it no one can see fourm and he also said it had been his fourm he left wit his best riends and your not in it that Rs 2107 gold it isnt since he jsut created a picture of avenging souls because another clan expired and now I want help o how ot get my friend back along with my rs life happy again ive been playign for 4 decades and this has never happend.