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Automated Onboarding: How Squadsy Can Help?

    By CynthiaEllis

    Many firms struggle to provide new employees with a flawless onboarding experience. It's all right if this happens to you! This could have happened because you did not use automated buddy system onboarding. Automated onboarding is one of the numerous ways to make new staff feel at ease. It's a difficult time in every employee's life when he or she is trying to get established in the organization during the first year. It is critical at this time to establish respect and value for the newly hired employee.

    So, what are the things you as a company can give to the newly hired professionals to make them feel great about your company and at the same time increase their productivity? Let’s check out with these 2 easy steps:

    1. Organize your onboarding experience: Even if your leadership group is very organized in its functioning, a disorganized onboarding can give away an expression of less discipline in the new joiners. A seamless transition between the introduction of policies to work creates an impression of professionalism.
    2. Make the content accessible: These are the times of the pandemic. If your company is working from home, most employees wouldn’t want to stay extra hours to attend onboarding lectures from their seniors. You can develop seamless coordination between the employees working from the office and at home.

    A great onboarding experience can help the company can increase employee retention by up to 82% as they say. By delivering automated and personalized notifications in the form of SMS and emails to their employees, HR, admin, and other related departments, you can reduce your work in assigning tasks to managers and other employees by using the onboarding buddy system.

    Squadsy helps companies create engaging onboarding erexpience to make the employees feel more engaged and comfortable in receiving their tasks. Something as simple as ‘engagement scores’ will help measure the pulse of employees currently being onboarded thus, making these tasks easier for the assignee.

    Squadsy is working continuously to provide HR teams with the best tools. Reach out to our team!

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