What's the reason the board anvil from the bottom there? : 0xbt

What's the reason the board anvil from the bottom there?

Ru that was only that was That was uncalled for is that right WoW SoD Gold? The serpent's ma in the final is the anvil on the board that is located here. Okay I'm able to excuse me. I'm just going to burn your land but it's fine , don't fret why would they want to destroy their boats while they're already there?

It didn't make sense since they've docked already so burning their boats was second I do because I mean they docked already here, so like haha your boats are burned out they can't leave as if we're trapping them in this place we'd love to go away.

What's the reason the board anvil from the bottom there? Perhaps a little braid on your boat can't take all the heat that's coming from the kitchen. You're dead. Captains go down with their ship I don't know if you were the captain.

But you looked like a captain. You appear to be extremely secure about the boat, so I assume you were a captain. Maybe you're the captain or the real one, as demonstrated by the acquaintances we made on the way.

You know that you have many friends when you do bow burning, that's simply the way it is okay, I've made some of my most closest friends on boat fires, so I've made many great acquaintances and they are real captains right.

When will we play? When are we going to be able to play test cars?

which sells for feet. Now it sells for more. You can sell it for more . You can also search for Kuru Kuru. Kuru cooks over there okay and we'll see the tree I'm Boyd take a tree, and we'll take a trip back to the area it's known as.

This is the place to turn into that, and we'll fly off, or I'm not sure where we're going, we might just head up this way because we're have to go up that route anyways.

Gachi Gachi Gachi What are you? Are you planning to go WoW Season of Discovery Gold? Gayatri that's where were you in?