Rocket League Items Shop Bavarian Hat Topper : 0xbt

 Rocket League Items Shop Bavarian Hat Topper

Microsoft delivered another trailer for the pack highlighting Tik Tok Rocket League Items star Khaby Lame. Look at it underneath.

Psyonix is joining forces with BMW for the impending Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) European circuit. Gracious, and the BMW M240i will be accessible by means of the in-game thing shop on Nov. 4!

For just $9.99 USD of credits in Rocket League, you'll have the option to get the BMW M240i. This deal runs from Nov. 4 through Nov. 10 for anybody anxious to say they got a fresh out of the box new BMW for not as much as what lunch costs on some random day. It likewise accompanies flawless additional items like the Thundernight Metallic and United In Rivalry Decals, just as a BMW Player Banner and the Rocket League Items Shop Bavarian Hat Topper.

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