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Although they are slower to catch and aren't as rewarding

    By Kingang

    Dark Crabs. Similarly to Minnows - Dark Crabs are fairly great money maker with a decent profit in terms of experience. There is OSRS gold also a downside - these fish could be only caught from the Wilderness which includes a risk factor. If you want method very similar to Minnows but without Angler costume - this method may be only for you.

    There's a 50% chance to spare the bone on the sacrifice that still gives experience while also giving back your bone. This makes bones in Gilded Altar extremely cost-effective but it also includes fantastic risk. Altar lies on level 38 Wilderness where gamers are easily killed by others. Likewise to Gilded altar, there is NPC who will unnote bones for you for a bit of stone. If you want to train with these method follow these steps:

    Gear up and take as many mentioned bones as you want. Bear in mind that its high Wilderness and you're extremely likely to become PK target so don't get a lot of bones and too precious gear. Go to the Chaos Temple situated west of Lava Maze. Speak to NPC outside of the hut into unnote bones. Sacrifice bones at Runescape 2107 gold the Altar. Go back to NPC to unnote more.Repeat the procedure.