Stories Instagram short videos allow us to know the last hour of the people we follow through videos with expiration dates. They're only available for 24 hours after they're posted; luckily, for the savviest thought possible, download Instagram stories so you can keep them forever.

But all is not well, at least for users who want to maintain a line of privacy that they do not always want to intrude. This is due to the working of this platform because if a user posts a story on Instagram, they will have access to a list. All people who see it are displayed.

Because of this peculiar operation, many people are wondering. How to see Instagram stories online, without using the official application or through the storiesdown website, so as not to leave a trace of our curiosity, and by the way, Instagram does not know us any more than it already knows.

  • 1 What is Instagram Stories?
  • 2 How to view Instagram stories
  • 3. How can I view Instagram stories anonymously?
  • 1 Activate airplane mode
  • 2 Create a secondary account
  • 3 Hidden chart
  • 4 Application to view stories anonymously

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are short videos (may contain photos) that last 24 hours from their release, mostly inspired by the feature that made the Snapchat platform popular. As it is temporary, this content is mainly aimed at companies and influencers to enhance your brand.

Foot users, introduce them to your followers (mostly friends).

This platform has long ceased to be a social network for foodies. If what you're looking for is information, becoming a platform with little relevant content. That Instagram is a social network for hanging out and long teeth.

How to view Instagram stories

Represented as Instagram stories, circles at the top of the screen belong to our account and are only shown when someone we follow posts a story.

When a story is new, it's shown with a red border to let us know there's a new story we haven't seen yet. To view Instagram stories via the app for mobile devices, just click on the circle of the person representing the story to play automatically.

If we want to see it through a computer, we can also do it through a computer that represents the stories in a circle around the person we are following, as the interface is practically the same—top of the screen.

When we click on the story, we will be part of the list that Instagram has created for the user who posted it, so you will always know that we are consulting this post. Fortunately, you can avoid this if you follow the steps we'll show you in the next section.

How can I view Instagram stories anonymously?

Activate airplane mode

All applications that require an internet connection download a large portion of the available content once we open it, so when accessing, it loads quickly, and the user does not have to wait.

With this feature, users who want to prevent others from knowing that they have visited their stories can take advantage of it. First of all, we must open the application and wait for a few seconds.

When we see that the Instagram stories of the people we follow are shown at the top, we activate the airplane mode of our mobile device.

Currently, our smartphone does not have an internet connection, but we can access the stories because it has already loaded the content without leaving a trace on Instagram servers.

To activate airplane mode, we must access the control panel by swiping our fingers down from the top of the screen and pressing the button represented by an airplane.

Create a secondary account

Sometimes the simplest option is to create a secondary account on Instagram and follow the person whose stories we want to gossip about. However, we may run into a problem if the person we want to follow needs to approve our follow request.

The application allows us to remember different user accounts along with the password. Switching between our primary and secondary accounts is a quick and easy process.

Thanks to the extension, Incognito chart (applicable for Microsoft Edge and Chrome), we can access the profiles of the people we want and look at both their posts and all the stories they have published. Without acknowledging that we are.

In order to access it, it is necessary to enter the data of our Instagram account. Via the extension icon, we can enable or disable the operation of the application. Once on Instagram, we have to access the extension and depending on whether we want to leave a trace of our open or close visit, we don't care if the user knows about it.

The eye representing the scope is red; we will not leave a trace of our visit to that date. If it shows otherwise green color, the user who posted the story will know that we are consulting him.

Application to view stories anonymously

In the Play Store, we have at our disposal a large number of applications that at least allow us to View Instagram stories anonymously; it is a mandatory requirement to enter our Instagram account.

This simple fact causes us to ask ourselves a series of doubts about its true workings. Why do you need access to my Instagram account? Obviously, we need to avoid such apps and/or web pages that invite us like the plague. Enter the data of our Instagram account.

However, this does not happen with an extension like Hiddengram. Using an extension for a browser where we enter our account's data (and not exit there) is not the same as using an app where we don't know if they will actually travel. Run the risk of other servers, and our account be a source of spam for all our followers.