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I'm going mad from woodcutting for months on end

    By Kingang

    I don't mean to burst your bubble, but at 110+ there are as OSRS gold many men and women who can not dung as at below 110. If you would like to get better at keying, just continue doing it. Keying for randoms will slow down your flooring times, but in addition, it enhances your keying. If you're utilized to not having to rely on your team as much, but still able to do so effectively if you get a fantastic team, you will be able to take care of circumstances as soon as your team messes up since you will be used to them.

    Randoms also gives you the chance to meet lots of new people and make friends with the individuals who are proficient at dung and you get on well with. After a while, you need to have enough friends who train dung that you may get together a team relatively easily, often using 1 or 2 two randoms, sometimes with none. As for me, I really do dung with friends a lot, but I prefer to utilize randoms too as I can be sure there will always (or almost always) be more randoms online. This usually means I don't need to schedule my training around other men and women.

    I'd really recommend getting 70 assault, strength, defence, range and Runescape 2107 gold mage before trying barrows. You do not need that, only 70 mage and 50 ranged to get a MSB or just mithril bolts in Zanik's C'bow. It works for me. Although I've got better stats now. Should you do that though you'll need a canifis portal in your house which will require completion of DT (also it'll require slgihtly more time to get there, but, whatever).