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'Madden 19' Gave These Players a 99 Rating

With the debut of Madden 19 approaching, the NFL game has released player rankings due to the top players. This unveiling is becoming an annual tradition for Madden Overdrive Coins that highly successful football video-game franchise. Seven NFL athletes this current year received the final honor: a 99 rating.

Five from the above players appeared within the top 10 in the NFL's annual top-100 players list. Those who landed further down within the list: Gronkowski (No. 15) and Kuechly (No. 12).

You can easily see more information about these seven athletes' various Madden player attributes inside images below.

This number of 99 ratings isn't a perfect match to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins some list that had been widely circulated last week—the truth is, it's pretty different.

Brady was the action's cover star in 2018, and Gronk was about the cover in 2017. Terrell Owens covers the Hall of Fame edition this coming year.

Madden 19 is slated on an initial release for PS4 and Xbox One Aug. 10. The Hall of Fame edition drops Aug. 7.