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Pokémon Sword and Shield: three super useful and obscure items


Items are a crucial part of any Pokémon game. Things like Pokédex, city maps, and bicycles make the journey easier and much more comfortable. Others like Pokéballs, berries, along with a large number of potions and healing items are essential for looking after any Pokémon team.

Any given game can also get a special assortment of items, and Sword and Shield is not any exception. These useful auxiliary tools will be more difficult to get, and could not be simple to obtain, they will have multiple effects and purposes. They are all well worth the wait because they could modify the power of Pokémon.

First, Air Balloon
Team Rocket in their Meowth air balloon in the Pokémon anime

Its name may seem stupid, as well as executive power is even higher, though the ultimate reason for the Air Balloon's is very helpful. A Pokémon holding the Air Balloon will drop via a flight, meaning it will stop hit by those cool and annoying ground-type Pokémon.

Second, Pearl String
Players exchange wattage for products in Pokémon Sword and Shield

Most Pokémon games have things that can be sold at expensive in any Pokémart. Longtime fans in the franchise know that Rare Bones, Star Pieces, and Nuggets would be the most common valuables.

The fifth generation introduced an exceptionally useful and expensive pearl string. After finding it on Route 9, it is usually sold to buyers of valuables on Side-on-Side to have an astonishing cost of 27,500 Pokédollars. Players may win the pearl string as a reward for Max Raid Battles, or exchange it with Fisher inside the wild area for 100W.

Third, Adrenaline Orb
Description of Adrenaline Orb in Pokémon Sword and Shield

In a useful but unbelievable situation, when intimidated, the Adrenaline Orb will raise the speed in the Pokémon by one level. The Orb is consumed after use.

It was introduced inside the seventh generation and could be obtained inside a battle tower in return for ten battle points. You could also use the Cram-o-Matic located inside the Mustard House on the Master Dojo around the Armor Island to get the sphere.

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