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The Path of your Warrior E3 2005 Hands-On Report 2

    By Yucca195

    The idea is always to play the single-player game to develop your character, upload your computer data to Gamevil's central server, and download it again to your network client. Once you're during one of Korea's high-speed EVDO networks (precisely the same technology that powers Verizon's V Cast), you'll be able to Buy POE Currency duel against other players in real time, or you are able to even connect cooperative missions.

    The single-player game is phenomenally deep, too. The Path of an Warrior is based about the Chinese historical epic "Romance from the Three Kingdoms," a 600-year-old treatise that details the classical Han Dynasty period from the Middle Kingdom. It's a mythic tale of power, intrigue, and warfare that's still the favourite novel for most of Asia, when it comes to sales. (Think of an Lord in the Rings-type saga according to Chinese history.)

    However, company representatives held the prospect a modified version of the POE Currency could appear you will come to some point inside future, by using a Roman or Greek mythical motif in place with the Chinese epic. We'll be sure you follow the progress on this game very closely from the coming months, and now we'll give you more previews when it appears to get any closer with a US release.