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Path of Exile: Delve - Official Xbox One Trailer

    By Yucca195

    Path of Exile’s attractiveness is summed up around the Overview page on the sport’s website. Several mission statements regarding its skill tree and skill gems, the bleak and brutal tone of Wraeclast as defiance against “bright, cartoony RPGs”, as well as the games’ deep commitment towards the itemization of POE Currency nearly everything on the planet give it a flavor that tastes distinctly of Diablo and also other similar titles.

    GGG got down to make PoE a gritty, complicated experience through the outset if this was just some developers doing exercises of Chris Wilson’s garage, driven only by their fascination with ARPGs and wish to see an activity heavily tailored for the dedicated player.

    This obsession is reflected in Path of Exile's story; dark magic, reawakened and maddened gods, scientists seeking immortality through human sacrifice, as well as the creation of POE Orbs PS4  eldritch artifacts through blood and death. Throughout all of it, Path of Exile increases the impression that obsession, whether concerned with power and security, wealth and status, or lineage and history, can drive you mad in the event you let it.