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Star Wars The Old Republic Free-to-play restrictions detailed

Star Wars: The Old Republic will become mostly Free to Play this Autumn, after a year of subscriber numbers that clearly weren’t quite what EA was hoping for. We knew that we’d be allowed to level up to 50 without having anything, however, the details of just what exactly we get without having, and might know about don’t, continues to be properly explained about the game’s website.

The big news is that all the story content, SWTOR Credits US big draw, is likely to be released. It's easy to question that the biggest attraction of the game is to provide it for free for players, so it's wise, but it's actually quite smart, because it's something that attracts gamers, if you know it's around them they hope it might be hard to pull . In any case, it's lightweight and convenient for people to open their wallets.

Operations (The Old Republic’s raids) will probably be off-limits to free players, as the number of auctions free players can post on the Galactic Trade Network are going to be restricted. Subscribers are going to be the first to participate in the game in the case of server queues, too.

It’s small things that are very going to be effective away with the will to never pay, though, like having the freedom to search by whatever method you need, which Free to Play players have ‘limited access’ to, or becoming restricted SWTOR Credits EU with what class and species you'll be able to choose to create characters with.

This doesn’t feel like a half-baked emergency fix, but something that both EA and BioWare have given some believed to. Hopefully, the relocate to free-to-play will do much to help SWTOR grow. It’s an incredible license, and an incredible world, and even an excellent game, if the story sets out to really glow. What it needs are players to fill the servers.



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