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Star Wars: Old Republic - Dantoone is about to invade


MMORPG Star Wars Developer: The Old Republic has prepared a fun and fresh game content for players. In the near future, with the launch of the updated version 5.10.3, we will participate in the "Dantooine Incursion Invasion" organized SWTOR Credits by the Sith Empire. I believe everyone is looking forward to this version!

With the gradual recovery of the enemy's capabilities, this remote planet has become very important from a tactical point of view, because its position has become the base of the world's Republican vessels. Because of the inability to break through Dantoine, the empire sneaked the planet from the territory of the Republic with the services of mercenaries and pirates, and unexpectedly seized the defenders of the world.

The resulting turmoil successfully helped buy Star Wars the Old Republic Credits the elite squad penetrate Dantoine, where it established another hidden base and became a stronghold of the Imperial Army to launch sabotage. In the end, the Republican Army has nothing to keep, and can only appeal to everyone to protect the planet.



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