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Star Wars Old Republic celebrates 2019 insane!

We met about this beautiful Sunday to understand all about the old Republic published at the 2019 Chicago celebration!

The first basic message, the announcement in the next expansion in the game: offensive! We will find ourselves at the heart with the new conflict between Republic on the Galaxy and SWTOR Credits Buy the Sith Empire, which includes already began in Ossus!

Important factors because of this expansion:

 - Onderon Planet might make fans from the extended universe happy!

 - An independent and densely populated military supply station called Mek-Sha, which will play an important role from the war, seems logical, as is the stake in Ossus may be the management of resources, for instance, food and oil.

 - May appear in Corellia's new litigation area, and also the Sith Empire thought we would attack the Republican shipyard.

 - About Dxun's new operation, relevant to Czerka's actions, may make a wide range of people happy, and we all want to know Beast Tamers!

 - Finally, the biggest level player will rise to 75!

For others, Nautolans is usually a playable species, and each senior class may have a new power.

This expansion is scheduled for SWTOR Credits for sale being completed in September 2019! soon! But of course. Designed for subscribers. Don't ask Bioarnaque to overdo it.

But it is still the best part of it. I am the 1st person have fun with this nostalgic trend which enables it to take us to experience this extension!



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