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When will the 11th season of the Rockets League end?

Although the Rockets League season 11 has just begun, many people are thinking about the end of the 11th season of the Rockets League. We are here to help. Read on to find out when the Rockets League competition will end in the 11th season. After the acquisition of Epic Games, this is an exciting time for the Rockets League, and the 11th season of competition is just the beginning of all.

As mentioned earlier, the Rockets League competition has just begun in the 11th season. This means you must now re-find your ranking with ten position matches. You should go back to the end of the 10th season because your MMR has not been reset. This also means that you can now earn the 11th season reward while collecting the 10th season reward. At the same time, you should ensure that you have enough Rocket League Items to prepare for the 11th season.

There is a lot of players concerned about the question of when the Rockets will end, we still don't know the exact date, Psyonix has not announced yet. Still, we can make educated guesses to determine when the 11th season will end. However, this guess may not be very accurate, as each competitive season seems to have continued for a different time, which does not provide a reference for our guess.

For example, during the period from February 19, 2019 to May 13, 2019, season 10 lasted only 83 days. At the same time, the third season lasted for nine months, from June 20, 2016 to March 22, 2017. However, in general, you can expect each competitive season of the Rockets to last 3-5 months. During this competition, the interest of players in purchasing Rocket League Keys seems to be rising.

If the 11th season will end in 83 days, it will end on August 3, 2019. As the seasons become more normal, we won't be surprised because Psyonix has postponed until now 83 angels they continue. Based on this, we can see that the earliest Rockets' 11th season end date will be August 3, 2019. But don't be surprised if it lasts longer. However, we suspect that it may not exceed September 2019. The 11th season of the Rockets' competition is expected to end from August 3 to September 30 this year.

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