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World of Warcraft: Classics - What do we know so far?

This is something that Blizzard has not been able to do for a long time. However, a few years ago, they began sending stop and stop commands to those who had a World of Warcraft classic server. Fast forward to Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard finally announced that they are studying World of Warcraft: Classic! Now we finally have a very release date. Fans can sneak into classic Azeroth from August 26th and 27th, 2019!

What is World of Warcraft: Classic?

WoW Classic restarted the game before the first expansion of the Burning Crusade. It is the loyal entertainment world of the 2004-2006 season using Patch 1.12: The drum of war to build experience. This has affected a considerable number of systems in the current operations, with fundamental changes to classes and progress.


This game has been very different over the years. At the time of launch, there were nine, and now there are 12 classes in the sport.

Some of these categories have absolute consistency, factional/ethnic restrictions. For example, only a tribal race may be a shaman, and only a coalition race may be a paladin. These restrictions may be the welcome return for most people.

Again, progress is actually more streamlined. Classic World of Warcraft allows WOW Classic Items you to choose the talent of three trees in the classroom. An interesting inclusion might be the spell level. As your level improves, you unlock the talent team. In order to learn these skills, you need to travel to the Class Trainers in the capital. Although a bit inconvenient, it is a welcome return for a nice RPG element!

Map traversal

In Classic, it takes longer to get a map. Classic World of Warcraft does not fly, you can not use the mount before the 40th level!

What will be included?

The game is now completely different from the actual way it was launched. Before your Burning Crusade, the Warcraft Classic will be launched in its original form with all two major continents, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdom.

By providing a six-stage roadmap for WOW Classic Boosting development, Blizzard also demonstrated their commitment to entertainment. Each stage will introduce new dungeons, items and raids. These will be launched from the same order that was originally released.



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