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Rocket League will receive a new rocket pass next week : 0xbt | CryptoManiac

Rocket League will receive a new rocket pass next week

The Rocket League's next Rocket Pass will be released on April 17. Like the previous two, it allows players to unlock cosmetics and rob the box keys by earning Rocket Pass ratings.

These passes are a problem for me. Advanced upgrades require 10 keys, or $10, which in theory should limit my spending for a few months. Oh, but on Saturday night, while waiting for my teammates to run back from the fridge, I will of course buy a few more Rocket League Items to peek at all the debris in the box. I can't help but want more stupid wheels.

Speaking of dumb wheels, you can preview the items in Rocket Pass 3 here, but there are no animations. I don't like most of the decoration of these rocket cars, although in my opinion, the choice is better than the previous two passes. I will never use any dumb drone top and shake the bracelet to mess up my inventory, but I can see the top of the big salt shaker into the game.

In addition to new projects, Rocket Pass 3 also brings the concept of challenge to the game. These are weekly goals that allow free and advanced players to earn additional level points in the process.

One day prior to a launch in the new Rocket Pass, we have now another way to put money into our pretend cars. The Esports store will open at 10 am on April 16 all of which will feature the Rocket League Champions team Cloud9, Dignitas, Evil Geniuses, G2 Esports, Ghost Gaming, mousesports, NRG Esports themed decals, Rocket League Keys, banners And wheels.

Each item will be used for a limited time of 24 hours or 48 hours and cannot be purchased through Rocket League Keys. The new currency, Esports Tokens, will be launched. The cheapest item will be $1, and items and tokens are not tradeable.