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Albion Online full version free download

Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG based in the open medieval fantasy world. The game carries a player-driven economy, and just about every item is created by the player. Combine armor and weapons that are great for your game style within a unique, classless "you are what we wear" system. Explore the planet, occupy other adventurers in the exciting battle, conquer the territory, and build a house.

The main top features of the game. From basic tools and clothing to powerful armor and powerful weapons, nearly every item within the game is manufactured up of players, buildings built by players, and resources collected by players. Buy, sell and have business dealings with other players in Albion's local markets around the globe. Make rare and powerful items, and then sell them to the biggest bidder and add your Albion Online Silver.

With Albion Online's stepless combat system, switching games will be as easy as switching gear. Test new equipment and replace weapons, armor and mounts to match any situation. Hone your character skills by causing new items or maybe using the equipment you enjoy.

From solo to group to large-scale battles, you may need strategy, tactics and skills to obtain the upper hand. Test your skills against other adventurers within a high-risk, high-reward, comprehensive loot battle and rehearse every strategy you need to win.

Join a guild to discover your own Albion within the battle between tactical guild along with the guild. Occupy the territory to realize incredible resources. Establish a guild hall and production station to get rid of the entire city for taxation and increase wealth. Track your guild's progress around the constantly updated leaderboards and tackle leadership roles to get your guild to your new glory peak.

Claim undertake a city plot or perhaps a private island and switch it into your individual. Planting crops to trade or make food, raising your personal livestock and mounts, and arranging production stations for other players to charge. Customize the house with furniture and trophies, build boxes to keep your growing AO Silver at mmoah, and hire workers to hold everything in the house running smoothly.

From small reconnaissance bands to large-scale bosses, from dungeons to mature faction bases, Albion's open world residents await your challenges. Explore five beautiful biomes, each featuring its own challenges. Take on six different factions, each with unique enemies that requirement their own strategy. Participate in single or group adventures or seek the final excitement through demons along with other players facing the gates of Hell.

Albion Online is a real cross-platform MMO experience. Whether that suits you Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android or iOS (currently in beta mobile), one account enables you to play games on all platforms, all one shared server. Build alliances along with other players around the planet and get involved in large-scale battles.