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Rsgoldfast present these OSRS Gold in the most inexpensive price

    By Kingang

    You simply cant be alone! So my suggestion is this: create the OSRS gold map larger! Its ok if the f2p remains the same (Il understand jagex. Its firm ) but creating the runescape map even larger will make the match more atractive.

    Apart from it would be many more areas to walk around and find experience. To start I might suggest a new set of mountains with a town on the top coated with snow ( I believe it'd be cool as there arent any of these ). To introduce this new city jagex could make a pursuit where adventurers heading to the hills suddenly disapared and that probably it was a monster.

    Thus you would visit such mountains and locate a town with a few king who thought adventurers were spies trying to steal his gold or something (as the town could be prosperous with golden mines).

    Also, in order to expand the map we could add another new kingdom apart from the one mentioned previously. This new kingdom could be located after the mountain move (which could be quite dangerous by the way) or in a huge island such as karamja. But you are most likely thinking" what is going to be the story behind this area?" .

    So... in order to get there you would also have to start a pursuit. At the first spot captain Ned at draynor is going to tell you that there are stories of sailors finding a island which isnt from the maps but are afraid of going there. Your duty is to go research! When you get on the island you figure out people are diferent (cause they're japanese or chinese runescapians). This way we can also add samurai and ninja armour into the Buy old school rs gold game as benefit in the quest. I hope that you guys like my thoughts about this and also please don't hesitate to give your opinion! Or, if you have a diferent and far better idea please allow me to know.