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6 good reasons to view Albion online in 2019

For its release in 2017, Albion Online has undergone many changes. For those who have left the experience for a while, or haven't used it yet, we've built a list of these items that have happened in the action since the release From additional features that offer a warm gaming experience to far-reaching upgrades and improvements, below are some things you could could missed.

Performance improvement

Since its launch, Albion's servers Albion Silver happen to be upgraded and optimized to greatly improve game performance, particularly in large-scale battles with lots of enemies.

Join the five royal city factions, then grab the enemy's outposts, conduct dangerous transportation missions, and gain faction points and figure to gain exclusive cloaks, make resources and mounts.


Now you'll be able to draw a line inside the rivers, lakes, and oceans of Albion to capture fish as well as other aquatic life. Fishing adds cooldown and combat skills to new recipes, adding a fresh dimension to the collection, making and In many cases fighting. If you are fortunate enough, you'll be able to even bring little valuable treasures!

Robust player base

About 30,000 active users use a giant server on a basis, and Albion's world is changing. With the launch of varied group activities, the following dungeon dive, outpost raid or open world war is often close behind.


Enter the Crystal Kingdom and compete for Cheap Albion Silver valuable rewards inside the fierce 5v5 competition. Crystal Realm Battles supplies a competitive chance for small and up-and-coming GvG teams to get in new players into Albion's guild war scene.

Seasonal content

In the last year, we launched the GvG Season and Monthly Adventurer Challenge. These products offer exclusive rewards between powerful mounts to unique clothing and furniture to fame and silver. Whether you are a friendly soloist or perhaps a hardcore guild, these seasonal challenges are for All.

For an all-encompassing list, it is possible to go to the Albion online update page. To truly feel the new Albion Online, you need to try it yourself - from now until February 11th, it is possible to get 34% of the starter packs and upgrades on the Albion webshop.



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