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The Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online changed to Free2Play


Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG that relies on the medieval environment. The focus of the game is on the economy and PvP. Character design and player housing also have some interesting features.

German development team Sandbox Interactive has converted Albion Online to a free model. Then the MMORPG can be played freely.

The change was made in the payment system at 12 noon on April 10. All players who want to play Albion Online can enter the server for free. The game client for the game is available on the official website and only needs to be downloaded. In addition, the game can also be played on Steam. If you need to Buy Albion Silver MMOAH website is your best choice.

Sandbox Interactive also released the Oberon Update and announcements to change the payment system. This brings a new dungeon.

This type of dungeon is designed to provide a diverse experience for players. Its entrance happens to be in the open world and is not shown on the map.

If you type them, they should be mixed randomly. The strength of the opponent should depend on the opponent's area. In safe areas, dungeons should also work in groups. However, in the outer domain, there is only bigger.

The reward should depend on the difficulty of the dungeon. According to the developer, every visit is worth it. It takes 15 to 40 minutes to complete the dungeon. If you don't know where to buy the cheapest Albion Silver. Welcome to the MMOAH website.

GVG updates and other changes have also pushed up the number of players. GVG updates and other changes have also pushed up the number of players.

In the Steam chart, at the peak, about 560 players played Albion Online on Steam.

Sandbox Interactive released its own number of players in the latest FAQ. 9,500 to 11,500 players log in every day.

Currently, 35 people are working on the development of Albion. However, if the game gives this, then we want to expand the team. Originally worked in the game for more than 50 people. However, in early 2018, many people were fired.

The forum also released an overall roadmap for the game. The purpose of the upcoming update is the revision of the foreign domain card and the aggregation of the target of the PvP player.



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