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Albion Online: The "Nimue" extension is now online


Now all players can use the next sandbox MMO named Albion Online, which is also the fifth major content update. "Nimue" brings a lot of innovation. Besides, a trailer was released:

Crystal Realm Battles: An impressive 5-on-5 combat mode for guild and guild players in a mysterious alternate level of light and color.

Party Finder: With this new feature, individual players, small groups and guilds in the lobby can set up their parties or attend existing gatherings to Albion Silver attend the numerous events in the Albion World. Be it a spontaneous dungeon or hell attack, an organized guild event or a collaborative role play.

Guild logo enhancements: Nimue updates allow the guild to change the logo after the logo has been created. In addition, you can now use the preview function to display the logo and adjust it accordingly.

Mob Faction Cloaks: In addition to the City Faction cloaks that have been updated with Merlyn, players can now upgrade their Combat Gear version, add five new Mob cloaks, and allow a range of passive spells.

Guardian: These "mini-guards" are small versions of the famous guards who happen to appear in the world of Albion. They pose a challenge to the smaller group of players, giving them more opportunities to gain resources and fame.

Enemy Day and Party Characters: Players can now tag enemies and NPCs in the open world. Also, the role of the player in the battle, such as therapist, tank and so on.

Changes in the distribution of external domain resources: The Nimue update brings the 8th resource level from Buy Albion Silver the region back into the open world. Even if they only occur in areas of higher difficulty, they are more likely to find them.

Improved NPCs and Traders: Many NPCs are now fully dubbed, making player interaction more lively and entertaining. In addition, many tradespeople and dealers have made visual changes, and the main dealer buildings have also provided lighting effects to help them find them better at night.



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