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Madden 20: Gardner Minshew's Rating Not Accurate

As a newcomer and a sixth-round selection, the Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Gardner Minshew II began to conquer the National Football League with his performance and also won the attention of fans. As Nick Foles's backup quarterback, after Nick Foles's injury to the clavicle, he became the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguar, starting with a 4-3 start. get the best Rookie of five-week and won this month's Best Rookie Award, but these achievements don't seem to help him improve his rating in Madden. If you are conquered by his performance, Gardner Minshew does not need too much Madden Coins to have it, it is a very good time.

In the Madden NFL 20 game launched by Electronic Arts, EA will adjust their rating in the game according to the player's performance. This real-time strategy also makes the Madden NFL 20 more authentic, but Minshew's rating is very strange. He currently has only 69 points and is the lowest of any starting quarterback in the league. Minshew's performance far exceeds its rating. He achieves a career-high record by passing the touchdown with the New York Jets (three games). After that, he will enter the 9th week with great enthusiasm. So far, his pass success rate is 1976 yards, the pass success rate is 61.9% (161 points out of 260 points), the touchdown score is 13 times. In comparison, the first overall score of 74, Kyler Murray, was 1,986 yards, 7 touchdowns and 4 picks, 186 out of 292 (63.7%), By comparison, we can see that the Minshew score is at least 72 to 74.

The most fundamental reason for the current rating of Gardner Minshew is that he is still in the novice season and the game is not too much. Although the performance is very good, EA's rating system is still cautious, but it is foreseeable that if Minshew continues With his excellent play, his rating will improve. For players, now is the best time to get Minshew, a very potential quarterback. Buy Madden Coins at GameMS, which will guarantee you have Enough Madden 20 Coins to invest.