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Madden 20 Server Maintenance Latest News

Annoying Madden 20 "Server Maintenance" messages prevent players from playing games. This problem is especially annoying for those who want to enjoy the franchise model. When you try to use Connected Franchise Mode (CFM), a message is displayed: "The franchise has been blocked to prepare for server maintenance, and the online service may experience unexpected downtime. This mode will disappear after maintenance is complete. "So, when can you expect to play Madden 20 again?" These are the things you need to know, follow the professional Madden 20 Coins trader GameMS to learn more.

Madden 20 server maintenance is undoubtedly annoying, but there is a reason. As the Madden team explained at the EA Forum, "the problem of affecting the ability to play online franchise mode" is currently being studied. Before this issue is resolved, "the franchise service may be closed intermittently to resolve the issue." Therefore, players should be able to surf the Internet at some point, but the service will be "intermittently interrupted." The error message is annoying, especially on the weekends, and there is no doubt that the game will be hit hardest. Having said that, on the weekends, it is not clear whether the developers are still fixing. The team's latest update is November 1, and today (November 2) is not mentioned.

It is hoped that developers will disable the "networked franchise model" throughout the weekend for no reason. Of course, if this weekend's disabling can get a patch update, or give the exact time, the player can play again. Then all this will be worth it. If there is anything about EA updates and maintains the Madden 20 server news, we will release the first time, if you want to know the latest Madden 20 information, Buy Madden Coins, you can follow us.