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My first MMO: Go online through the lens of The Elder Scrolls

In the early 2000s, only people with enough powerful computer settings could use MMOs. Early MMOs such as "World of Warcraft" and "EVE Online" required continuous Internet connectivity and a more powerful way of playing games than the consoles of the time. Of course, there are more casual games, such as "Runescape", but I have never participated.

With the advent of new consoles that allow continuous Internet connectivity and better performance, MMOs have gradually entered the TV screen since the 1960s. As of today, many of the most popular MMOs are available on Playstation and Xbox, such as Destiny, Final Fantasy and ESO. As far as I am concerned, I have always been a Nintendo gamer and away from other major consoles and PC games. But until today, I have studied ESO in-depth and played MMO for the first time in my life, so I have a lot of new insights into games and ESO itself.

Immediately, I can say that ESO is a great game. I have heard that the number of fans in these games is really "big". I have heard that this game requires ESO Gold For Sale support. I now understand that this game is indeed well-deserved. Like almost all other MMOs, the first thing I did in ESO was to build my role. This process is very reminiscent of the role construction in the table games such as "Dragon and Dungeons" and "Dragon". I went through various steps, choosing race, class, and style for my character and making him look as threatening and fierce as possible. I eventually built a Nord / warden, spent too much time discussing almost every aspect of the character, from the name to the class, and then I finally finished and embarked on a happy path.

I can't compare ESO with other MMOs, but what I can do is to make a general comparison with other games. I just say that: ESO is a great game. For the first time I played this style of game, I read the opening tutorial carefully and figured out how the game will run immediately and feel very comfortable.

As I said before, I know in advance that starting an MMO as big as an ESO is a daunting task. The Elder Scrolls Online Gold has three very successful extensions, so I can go anywhere, start any task and find anything I want to find. Even though I can't fall into any of the main tasks right now, I am still very capable of seeing the exact storage of ESO. The game includes the best of Skyrim and Forgetting, and the best trap that modern MMOs should be. Open, approachable, and there are many things to do.